Our Mission

One Step To Fitness contains everything you should know about health, fitness and proper diet. Our passion is writing and we love to share our knowledge. With our help you will find out how to loose weight, get rid of cellulite or read about the popular skin treatment. Embark on a health & beauty journey with us!

Who Are We?

Gavin Hitch

Owner & Main Editor

Gavin Elster has a degree in Psychology and expertise in colour functions in marketing. Gavin is our dynamic marketing director who is always equipped with the latest marketing trends and audiences’ recent preferences and online behaviour.

Gavin’s notable background in Psychology gives our company the deepest insight into what influences marketing behaviour and we are able to foresee future marketing trends or open a new marketing opportunity.

One vital aspect of advertising is choosing the right colours. Colours send certain moods or emotions to people. It serves an important visual impact that greatly influences purchase decisions and attracts attention from the right market.